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To turn food safety into competitive advantage worldwide

Bretagne International

has choosen Stanislas Capelle, as freelance consultant, to share experiences on overseas market places related to food safety

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Customer orientation and internal procedures appliance
Food standards worldwide

Someone, somewhere is working to a higher standard than you.

Some have adopted the idea that it is possible to create and work in a zero risk system, for instance in Japan, and have a different attitude to food safety as a result.

As a response to safety-sensitive consumers, their records are excellent and their processes form the basis of a successful consultancy operation.

Food safety as competitive advantage

Food safety management becomes everyone's business, not just the Safety Manager's responsibility.

In a system of Total Safety Management, Committees become action oriented in problem solving and improvement making, not just backward looking or confrontational.

Training focuses on interactive communication, leadership, observation and teamwork as much as on food legislation and internal procedures.